TRON Crosses dApp Trading Volume Of Ethereum

Tron CEO and one of the most popular personalities in the crypto space Justin Sun took to Twitter to say that Tron’s trading volume on dApps has exceeded that of Ethereum.

It is worth mentioning that Tron’s mainnet was launched back in 2018 and has been growing since that moment. In the weekly overview released by Tron, they explain that there are different reasons why Tron public chain can beat ETH and EOS.

Justin further informed that the DApp ecosystem would become stronger as he asked people to join the platform as users and developers. However, when it comes to the total number of unique users and mainnet accounts, Tron is still behind Ethereum.

According to the Tron Foundation, Tron has a lower entry bar for users compared to EOS. Tron explains that these entry barriers to EOS are related to the registration process or the extension wallet experience. Moreover, user fee and development are low on the TRON network. Developers have to freeze tokens and get the resources needed for app development.

However, roughly 31% of surveyed accounts and 19% of transactions were bot-driven, accounting for a whopping $270 million dApp volume. However, AnChain isn’t pointing fingers at any single blockchain. It previously found that on EOS, bots accounted for 51% of surveyed accounts and 75% of transactions. The firm plans to examine Ethereum as well.

Although many complain that trading bots are causing widespread market manipulation, bots are also useful tools for traders. Often, human beings just can’t compete with bots.

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