• The cryptocurrency is maintaining a volatile trade with ambitions to climb up yet exposed to the bears.
  • TRON is facing heavy resistance as it is not able to maintain a continuous climb.
  • The TRX/BTC pair is performing positively with the overall profit of 1.42% bringing the level to 0.00000173.

The TRX prices are unable to make a steady climb, even after facing fluctuation, prices are trying their best to climb up.

There is a heavy resistance of $0.120 which is not allowing prices to rise against it. TRX is unable to find out a break as same it is unable to find a key new support level.

Currently, TRON is supported by the level of $0.0112. Chances are shortly it will be tested as prices acquired a downward moment. If this support level collapsed against this collapse. there will be a major bearish momentum in the prices of the cryptocurrency.

The current  market capital is $762,806,671 USD, with volume traded of $975,471,280 USD and the circulating supply of 66,682,072,191 TRX.


The Technical chart reflects that bulls and bears both are having ha face off. Currently, prices are trading at the level of 0.0113. After getting the strong support of $0.0101 prices were able to make the significant climb they want but currently it all got wasted as prices are developing a negative divergence.

The technical indicators and oscillators are showing a decrease in the buying volume in the cryptocurrency due to the development of bearish momentum in the market.

The MACD levels are showing that there is a straight flat trade as both buying and selling volume moving tow to tow with each other.

The 24hr – RSI is unable to make a gradual climb as it is again falling towards the bearish zone. Currently, it is trading above the crucial level of 50  

The 24hr-CCI is trading in the normal zone, it also touched the overselling region today but currently trading at the top of normal region with negative divergences.

Resistance Level: $0.1200
Support Level: $0.0112

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