New TRX blockchain based RPG game has been announced for the Tron Arcade platform, the game is called CryptoDungeons.

CryptoDungeons wasn’t always developed for the Tron platform. Originally the game was developed for the Ethereum network, but the game developers and Tron have decided to come together and make a separate universe for the Tron network. The developers outlined this decision and what the game is about, in a blog post:

“Cryptodungeons revolves around the kingdom of “Brightdawn.” Brightdawn is preparing for war and has asked its people to start gathering supplies, weapons and armour in preparation.”

Players of Cryptodungeons can purchase heros to partake in different activities, there’s an array of different types of these heros with different classes within them. A high amount of customization is available and this in return can entice the players of the game to make more purchases. The idea to standout is not the only reason to make purchases in the game, if you customize your character and increase its stats, this also increases the real world value of your player.

Tron prize pools for player vs player tournaments are also going to play a factor in the game, as it is being based on the Tron network. The development of the game is still underway, however the release is expected to reach consumers later this year.

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