Stellar Lumens has marked heavy movement in the last seven days. The price escalated to $0.050 and dropped to $0.045 during the specified period. Despite heavy pressure in the market, XLM coin managed to maintain its momentum.

Today, the currency began with a moderate fall. The drop in the price is speculated to recover in some time. The pullback is likely to momentary.

Stellar Price Analysis

Yesterday, XLM coin started the day with dealing at $0.0481. The price escalated to $0.04881 by 1.48%. Then, it slipped marginally by 0.84% and reached $0.04839 in the next few hours. After that, the coin price escalated to $0.0491 by 1.63%. Stellar price again dropped to $0.04863, and then, the closing hours brought the coin to $0.04849. The final hour gave a boost and hence, XLM closed the day at $0.04898. The day-long movement in Stellar Lumens reflected a 1.83% progression in the price. Today, the coin is started downside movement since the opening hour. The price counters moved from $0.04898 to $0.04768 by 2.64%. The coin tried to improve but it couldn’t and fell again to $0.04772.

The price of Stellar crypto is currently dealing around $0.0477. The immediate support level is at $0.0470. It looks like at any hour, the price would drop and breach the immediate support level. However, there are still some possibilities for improvement. The currency might reverse the trend and price could touch the immediate resistance level at $0.0492.

Resistance Level Price
R1 $0.049259
R2 $0.0502
R3 $0.051448
Support Level Price
S1 $0.04707
S2 $0.045822
S3 $0.044881

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