CELINA – They’ve raised chickens. They’ve grown vegetables. And along the way the juveniles on probation have learned discipline, responsibility and the importance of community.

It is all part of the Ripple Project, a partnership between the Wright State University–Lake Campus, the justice system and several agriculture organizations.

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kAm$96 D2:5 ;FG6?:=6D A=2465 @? AC@32E:@? 2C6 >@C6 =:<6=J E@ DE2J 2?5 C2:D6 E96:C 72>:=:6D 😕 E96 4@>>F?:EJ C2E96C E92? >@G:?8 2H2J]k^Am

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kAmr@?EC6C2D D2:5 >2?J ;FG6?:=6D @? AC@32E:@? EJA:42==J 766= =:<6 E9C@H2H2J <:5D[ E92E ?@ @?6 42C6D 23@FE E96>]k^Am

kAm“~FC <:5D 5@?’E 766= =:<6 E9C@H2H2J <:5D 2?J>@C6[” D96 D2:5] “%96J F?56CDE2?5 E92E E96 4@>>F?:EJ 42C6D 23@FE E96>]”k^Am

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