Blackmoon and Plato Technologies Forge Strategic Partnership to Facilitate Launching of New “on-the-fly” ETx’s

If you plan on executing an IEO or ICO, or looking for users, customers or partners then you need the newly released Plato Blockchain CRM.   The flagship product, Plato Blockchain CRM, combines the latest developments in the $80B CRM services space, with innovative technology and machine learning and can deliver on your CRM needs.

The CRM is a cloud-based membership service with currently over 1.7M contacts and growing.   It comes with a full CRM feature set where you can track communications, integrate with your calendars, and execute outbound campaigns of up to 2,000 contacts daily and more.

Vacation in Hua Hin, Thailand
Vacation in Hua Hin Thailand –

Plato is a cloud-based membership service that can be accessed from anywhere so you and your team can be on the go with mobile access.   With filters and advanced searching algorithms, you can execute advanced CRM searches to ensure your campaigns are targeted to maximize your efforts and results.

Marketers need to bring conversations as close to real-time, and one-on-one as possible. Identifying the best prospects to present opportunity, products or services is the most important initial step. Being able to leverage a CRM that is laser-focused on the execution of “matching” is what our customers gain.  Once you have matched with the right contacts, being able to track and deliver content in a timely and efficient manner is how you close the most valuable connections.

Any blockchain project with plans for outbound campaigns can have full CRM access and functionality for an affordable annual license fee.

If you want an introduction to the Plato Blockchain CRM, then schedule an intro call at the following link –

Vacation in Hua Hin, Thailand


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