Weiss Ratings has lowered EOS again!


Weiss Ratings has lowered EOS again! The unique scoring company Weiss’s unique subsidiary of crypto currencies introduced on Friday that it has again lowered the EOS score as quickly as possible.

2/6 Do not decentralize – The highest 100 # EOS token holders, who represent only 0.01% of the full amount, as much as 68% of the voting energy. Much to explain that EOS is an important improvement over older cryptos such as #Bitcoin (#BTC) and #Ethereum (#ETH).

– Weiss Crypto Ratings (@WeissCrypto) December 6, 2019


EOS beware drops to C!
In accordance with Weiss Crypto Ratings, EOS, the challenge of Block.one, the world’s largest ICO, is not decentralized. Weiss, many of the high 100 people with EOS token’ini voice energy within the community of about 68% of the seized and completely eliminates decentralization, indicating that Weiss, in line with the full market value of the seventh largest cryptocash from B to C-düşür down.

EOS, as an alternative, has a 2% increase at the time of writing and does not appear to be affected by the downgrade. EOS was criticized in advance by Weiss in June and was relegated. In fact, the ability of Block.one behind EOS decentralization and the amount of tokens that EOS Block producers have been criticizing and receiving criticism all the time.

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