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According to this research, The global Blockchain Technology market is expected to grow with a significant rate during the forecast period 2018-2025 owing to the growing demand of distributed ledger technology, increasing cryptocurrencies market cap need of abridged business procedures and creating transparency and immutability and faster transactions.

Moreover, the major factor driving the market growth is the government initiatives to encourage utilizing more applications of the blockchain, growing demand for distributed ledger technology, increasing demand for simplifying business processes and need for faster transactions in real-time. Furthermore, the integration of blockchain technology solutions with the legacy systems to handle functions served by the legacy systems will drive the market growth. The integration of the two will lead to company wide adoption of blockchain technology. Besides, the blockchain technology market is expected to exhibit significant growth owing to massive benefits provided by this technology, such as eliminating the need for any financial institution to authenticate transactions, facilitating faster settlement, reducing duplicative record keeping and minimizing error rates.

Public product type of Blockchain Technology market is projected to be the leading segment of the overall market during the forecast period

Consortium or Federated market will drive by multiple organizations using the network for their benefit where multiple organizations can exchange information and work simultaneously. Private blockchain market will grow by its centralization property which provides data privacy rules.

Infrastructure & protocol provider is expected to lead industry for providing Blockchain Technology services during the forecast period

By Service provider type, Infrastructure & protocol provider segment will lead the Blockchain Technology market owing to providing customized distributed ledger network for their customer. The application and solutions providers are anticipated to be the fastest growing segment due to the application developers developing applications that minimize the transcription data duplication and offering timely authentication.

Payment is projected to leading industry for utilizing applications of the Blockchain Technology during the forecast period

By application type, the Payment segment will lead the market owing to properties of blockchain to reduce the need for middlemen such as third-party authorization and central agencies from the payment processing. Digital identity segment will be the fastest growing market owing to providing secure and trustworthy identification system.

BFSI is anticipated to dominate End-Users segment for utilizing applications of the Blockchain Technology during the forecast period

By end-users type, BFSI segment is projected to lead the market due to technology that has the ability to reduce the cost, abridged new business procedures and creating transparency and immutability and faster transactions. Healthcare segment will influence by providing better access to patients, the healthcare community, and researchers access to a shared data source to obtain timely, comprehensive, and accurate patient health data.

North America accounts for lion’s share of the global Blockchain Technology market during the anticipated period

North America dominates the world Blockchain Technology market over the forecast period owing to growing demand for applications of Blockchain Technology in various industries such as smart contracts, documentation and payment applications in most of its industries particularly in BFSI, retail and e-commerce, and healthcare and life sciences. Asia Pacific is projected to be the fastest growing market throughout the forecast period due to increment in applications of blockchain in BFSI, healthcare, and cybersecurity.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Research Frame work

1.1. Research Objective

1.2. Market Definition and Scope

1.3. Market segmentation

2. Research methodology

3. Executive Summary

4. Global Blockchain Technology Industry Insights

4.1. Industry Value Chain analysis

4.2. Industry impact and Forces

4.2.1. Growth Drivers

4.2.2. Industry Challenges

4.2.3. Opportunities

4.3. Regulatory Framework

4.4. Company market share analysis, 2018

4.5. Growth potential analysis, 2018

4.6. Strategic Outlook

5. Global Blockchain Technology Market Overview

6. Global Blockchain Technology Market, By Product Type

6.1. Key Type Trends

6.2. Public

6.2.1. Market estimates & forecast, 2015-2025

6.2.2. Market estimates & forecast, by region, 2015-2025

6.3. Private

6.4. Consortium or Federated

7. Global Blockchain Technology Market, By Providers

7.1. Key market Trends

7.2. Application and solution provider

7.2.1. Market estimates & forecast, 2015-2025

7.2.2. Market estimates & forecast, by region, 2015-2025

7.3. Middleware provider

7.4. Infrastructure & protocol provider

8. Global Blockchain Technology Market, By Application

8.1. Key market Trends

8.2. Payments

8.2.1. Market estimates & forecast, 2015-2025

8.2.2. Market estimates & forecast, by region, 2015-2025

8.3. Exchange

8.4. Digital identity

8.5. Documentation

8.6. Supply chain management

8.7. Governance,

8.8. Risk and compliance management

9. Global Blockchain Technology Market, By End-Users

9.1. Key market Trends

9.2. Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI)

9.2.1. Market estimates & forecast, 2015-2025

9.2.2. Market estimates & forecast, by region, 2015-2025

9.3. Government and public sector

9.4. Healthcare

9.5. Media and entertainment

9.6. Retail and e-Commerce

9.7. Travel and hospitality

9.8. Transportation and logistics

9.9. IT and telecommunications

9.10. Others (automotive, education, and energy and utilities)

10. Global Blockchain Technology Market, By Region

10.1. Key Regional Market trends

10.2. North America

10.2.1. Market estimates & forecast, 2015-2025

10.2.2. Market estimates & forecast by Product type, 2015-2025

10.2.3. Market estimates & forecast, by Providers, 2015-2025

10.2.4. Market estimates & forecast, by Applications, 2015-2025

10.2.5. Market estimates & forecast, by End-Users, 2015-2025

10.2.6. Market estimates & forecast, by Country, 2015-2025

10.3. Asia

10.4. Europe

10.5. Middle East & Africa

10.6. Latin America

11. Company Profiles (Company Overview, Financial Matrix, Key Product landscape, Key Personnel, Key Competitors, Contact Address, SWOT Analysis and Strategic Outlook)

11.1. IBM Corp.

11.2. Microsoft Corp.

11.3. Linux Foundation

11.4. R3, BTL Group

11.5. Chain Inc.

11.6. Deloitte

11.7. Circle Internet Financial Limited

11.8. Global Arena Holding, Inc. (GAHI)

11.9. Post-Trade Distributed Ledger

11.10. Ripple

11.11. Eric Industries

11.12. AWS

11.13. SAP

11.14. Intel

11.15. Oracle

11.16. Bitfury

11.17. Cegeka

11.18. Earthport

11.19. Guardtime

11.20. Digital Asset Holdings

11.21. Huawei

11.22. BlockCypher

11.23. Symbiont

11.24. BigchainDB

11.25. Applied Blockchain

11.26. RecordsKeeper

11.27. Blockpoint

11.28. Auxesis Group

11.29. BTL Group

11.30. Blockchain Foundry

11.31. AlphaPoint

11.32. Factom

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