Founded in February 2019 out of Phoenix Arizona, CryptoLancers plans to take their spot in the freelance market by offering an online marketplace with flexible payment options, including the use of cryptocurrency which many freelancers prefer.   Nation 1099 estimates that nearly 60 million Americans alone will be freelancing with an estimated 1.7T worth in economic activity in 2019.   


The idea for CryptoLancers was first born in 2017 by Michael Noel and John Crocket, both very early adopters of blockchain technology and founders of Blockchain Consultants.   In late 2018, a blockchain meetup introduced a 3rd team member, Mark Kreitzman, and the idea was reborn and a team was assembled.   After many months of planning, the CryptoLancers team is launching their initial crowdfunding under a REG CF starting May 20th, 2019.   It is not just your standard crowdfund though, they will be one of the first projects post the SEC compliant Reg CF process to transition to tokenized ownership(STO).

The business plan for CryptoLancers was heavily influenced by the combined experience that Michael, John and Mark had with hiring freelancers from around the world.   While all three hired freelancers separately for different projects, their experience with issues was very similar.   First, many freelance platforms charge a commission on the sales which can take a good percentage of funds away from the seller and the buyer ends up paying a burdened cost.   For higher priced jobs, some sellers will attempt to contact buyers directly during the sales process to avoid the large commission fee.

CryptoLancers will disrupt the online freelance marketplace by offering a solution that meets the needs of todays buyers and sellers.   A recent survey by showed that 29% of current freelancers prefer to get paid in cryptocurrency, but there is no viable platform today that offers cryptocurrency options which benefit both sellers and buyers.   CryptoLancers will take advantage of the cryptocurrency technology by offering peer-to-peer payment options with zero commissions.   This benefits all freelancers who wish to get paid in cryptocurrency by eliminating sales fees, bank fees, credit card fees and currency conversion fees.   It may also open opportunities for those who wish to freelance, but do not have a bank account or credit card.  As Shahila Rose (Business Development) put it, “freelancing is growing globally and the transfer of value is the best use case for cryptocurrencies and perfect for the freelancer marketplace.”

Anyone in the world can open a free cryptocurrency account and start receiving payments without the need or expense of a bank account.    This will also incent freelancers to market their CryptoLancers offers using their social media profiles since they know there is zero commission.   Buyers benefit by having many options of payment available without the burdened price from the sales commission.  According to Mark Kreitzman, “freelancers will be free to market all their freelance profiles within their CryptoLancer profile or job postings. We don’t charge sellers a commission so why not allow them to market all of their profiles where they may have a long history of completed freelance jobs and reviews.”

Another differentiator for CryptoLancers is the offer for freelancers to participate in ownership of the online marketplace they use.  As Mark Kreitzman stated, “crowdfunding offers the opportunity for unaccredited investors to own a piece of the business for under $50.    We felt there was no better way to gain interest from the freelance community than to have many of them as investors in the company”.

The CryptoLancers crowdfunding campaign begins on May 21st and will be offered on the Razitall crowdfunding platform.   Any US resident with a credit card from a US Bank account can register at and review the details and terms for the crowdfunding offer.  The crowdfunding campaign can be accessed directly at the following URL –

Author:  David Smith



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